Frequently Asked Questions about Beyond Storytime


Why must I log off at the end of each session?

Streaming audio files like our stories uses up a lot of resource on our server. Please be sure to log out when you finish listening to stories so that you don't inconvenience other users. Thank You.

What if I get a message that says I cannot log in?

If a large number of people are trying to log in at the same time you will sometimes get a message that you cannot log in. If this happens please be patient. We suggest you wait for about 15 minutes and try again. If the problem persists then please send us a message via the 'contact' tab at the top of the site and let us know what is happening. We are continually reviewing our server resources and will do our best to ensure that the problem gets solved. This is a new project for us and we are still learning. All your comments and reports will help us to get better.

I am having problems entering my gift code. What can I do?

We have been made aware that some browsers may not accept 'cut and paste' for the gift code (Ctrl 'C' and Ctrl 'V') in the way many people use. If this is the case please enter the gift code manually making sure that you do not mix up digits like the letter 'o' and the number '0' (zero), for example. That should do the trick. You should then be able to choose your user name and password. After doing this you should be redirected to the login page where you enter the user name and password and away you go!